What we do

Custom Software Development

If you are looking for some assistance on building your dream product, we can be of help. Our arsenal of technologies include Python, Django, DRF, kubernetes, docker etc. We have experience building APIs using DRF. We can build software infrastructure that can scale on cloud systems using Kubernetes and Docker. We understand the significance of unit testing. Our full stack developers can help you at every stage of the development process.


Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid mobile applications uses a single code base to create applications for multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and windows. It significantly reduces development time and cost and avoids the overhead of maintaining different code bases for different platforms. If your application is not an extremely complicated one, all you need is a hybrid app. We can help you build it using IONIC, one of the most popular hybrid frameworks. Our expertise in Angularjs and HTML5 will fetch you modular and easily manageable code.



Responsive Web Apps

Responsive is another way to say that your web site adapts well to different screen sizes such as mobile, tablet and desktop. Responsive websites fare better on web searches for mobile. Being responsive has so many advantages that it makes no sense to not make your site responsive. We can help you build responsible web applications using popular technologies such as Bootstrap, AngularJS, HTML5 and CSS3.

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www.peppernation.in is an online marketplace for tourism services. We aim to become a trusted intermediary between end customers and providers by being a platform all can count on. Our platform can help providers effectively manage their assets and sell their services with at most flexibility.

Prof. K.V Thomas honourable MP, launched peppernation.in on 19th September 2016.